Friday, February 5, 2016

Project: 3D Printing Mechanical Movements

I am fascinated by simple machines.  If you're not sure what I mean, see if this site on Mechanical Movements excites you at all.  If it does, read on!

The recent 3D Printing craze caught up with me over the holidays in the form of an Up Plus! 2 by  It received top marks in the "Just Hit Print" category of the 2014 Maker 3D Printer guide. Here is my experience so far.

I have enjoyed my time browsing Thingiverse for ideas.  It is a social network where you share models used with 3d printers, and has led me to printing some really incredible objects.  I've made some rookie mistakes, and learned a few tips along the way.

First, my out-of-the-box attempt:
Nautilus Gear
My next attempt was a complete failure:
A Screw
Lastly, my recent successes!
Trammel of Archimedes
Sierpinski Pyramid